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Tipo de material: Otro
Título : The tech sector and national action plans on business and human rights
Autoría : Instituto Danés de Derechos Humanos
Colaboración : Wingfield, Richard
Tuta, Ioana
Bansal, Tulika
Resumen / Abstract: This thematic supplement is structured in three sections. The rest of Section 1 provides information on the scope of this thematic supplement, and a reflection on existing references to the tech sector in national action plans. Section 2 looks at the relationship between the tech sector and human rights, focusing on the rights to privacy, freedom of expression and equality/ non-discrimination, with an overview of the tech sector’s impacts on these rights, as well as regulatory trends. Section 3 starts by looking at how tech sector-related considerations can be included in the NAP process, with a focus on stakeholder mapping and engagement and the involvement of groups at risk.
Fecha de Publicación : jul-2020
Cita Sugerida : Instituto Danés de Derechos Humanos. (2020). The tech sector and national action plans on business and human rights. Autoedición. http://repositorio.dpe.gob.ec/handle/39000/2660
URI : http://repositorio.dpe.gob.ec/handle/39000/2660
Páginas: 67 p.
Descriptores / Subjects : EMPRESAS Y DERECHOS HUMANOS
Ciudad: Editorial : Copenhague: Dinamarca
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